(Made in USA) Dental Care Water Additive Solution for Dogs (32 OZ) by Pet Magasin

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Professional dental care for your dog or cat can be hugely expensive, and is no fun for your pet, either. But plaque and tartar buildup is as inevitable on your pets teeth as it is with your own, and this can lead to gum disease and dental cavities. These problems can interfere with your pet's ability to eat, so an expensive vet visit becomes necessary. Another symptom of poor oral hygiene is the extremely bad breath that occurs when the bacteria in your dog's or cat's mouth get out of hand.

Pet Magasin Dental Care Water Additive can give you a head start in preventing all of these problems. Formulated from safe, food-grade ingredients, it helps prevent plaque and tartar buildup, and kills the oral bacteria that cause tooth decay and bad breath. Giving it to your pet is simple: just add one teaspoon for every cup of water whenever you refill your pet's water dish.

Pet Magasin is a company committed to providing top-quality products for your pets. You can be confident you're buying from people who love pets as much as you do.


  • Proudly Develpoed and Made in USA
  • Reduces plaque and tartar buildup on teeth and helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease, reducing the need for expensive professional dental care.
  • Improves pets' breath by killing the bacteria that cause bad breath and by neutralizing sulphur.
  • Tasteless and odorless, so it won't disrupt your pets' drinking habits.
  • Provides your dog or cat with improved oral and dental hygiene with a simple and safe drinking water additive.


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